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English Cottage Decorating Ideas

I do love English Cottage decorating ideas, so when I moved into my very own little house, I decided to incorporate plenty of cottage decorating ideas. I will let you in on all my decorator secrets of how to bring in the Cottage Chic to your own home.

After being married for almost 24 years, I found myself alone and scared. I lived with my Mom and Dad for a year and a half because I was just so frightened to go out on my own.

When my son informed me that he was coming back "home" for a few months, I knew it was time to stretch my wings and fly. I truly did feel like a tiny little bird on the brink of the nest, gazing into the vast big world. I guess I never would have jumped out of that nest on my own, but being pushed turned out to be the best thing for me.

I started looking for places in my price range (which wasn't very much) and was horrified to see what was being offered. I truly did not know what to do or where to turn. So one morning as I was talking to God (I do this quite often), I told Him that I had no clue what to do. My son was coming "home" and there was no home to come to. I told God that it was now in His hands and I was not going to worry about it one more second.

Well, of course when He takes over it all turns out perfectly (we tend to mess things up a bit). By that afternoon, I had the most perfect little house in the most perfect part of town. With the most perfect set of landlords this side of Heaven. Oh yeah, and it was all in my price range!

My son helped me move in and after the first few days of "How in the world am I going to make it on my own" business. I once again gave it over to God.

Decorating is my passion in life. I live and breathe it. I think about it when I wake up and I think about it when I go to sleep. I am always decorating my home or an event in my head. ALWAYS!

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I thought you should know how I feel about my little home. I LOVE it. It's a true Godsend and I want to share it with you. But I also want to share "how" I do things so that you can create the perfect little place for you and your family. I hope you enjoy peaking into my Cottage Style home. ~ Dena

........English Cottage Decorating Ideas Galore........

Finding My Style

When I first moved into my little house, I really wanted to go with a French Country feel with grays and neutrals. I do love all the burlap and the whites and had been scouring blogs and Pinterest for just such decor. BUT, this house was speaking to me and it was telling me to go with a warmer vibe. More towards English Cottage (although there are some French influences as well as Shabby Chic).

The walls of the house are all freshly painted in a creamy mocha color and since I was exhausted from the move and from my daughter's wedding, they are staying that way for now. Not having the funds to go out and just buy all new stuff, I knew that I would have to pull together something that was pleasing, fit the house, AND FIT MY BUDGET.

........English Cottage Decorating Ideas Galore........

English Cottage Decorating ~ My Cottage Chic Home

My Cottage Living Room / Dining Room

english cottage decorating

In the few short months that I have been in my little house, I have rearranged my livingroom/diningroom a million times. Well, maybe not a million, but a lot. It's such a long skinny room that it's hard to find the right arrangement. So I keep moving it around to get the best feel.

In this arrangement, I've angled the little couch (which fits perfectly into my English Cottage decorating) to break up the room and define the dining space. Behind the couch is an antique sewing machine with a body form on it. On the body form is my daughter's Bohemian wedding dress that I made from vintage pieces of crochet and lace.

Above the couch I suspended a really cool curly branch that a friend gave to me. And since it's Christmas at the time of this picture, I hung ornaments from the branch.

Also hanging on the branch is a dried flower wreath. I really love it!

The large pillow shams are velvet and I found them at a thrift store for $2 each! I really love the color of them. I made the burlap pillow (on the other side is black toile and I've already turned it around to show that side of it now). I am always changing things around. It's so fun!!!

I made the little slipcover for the foot stool from a Shabby Chic bed skirt that I found for $3 at the Goodwill.

The old window above the fireplace has a piece of toile fabric behind it. I bought a huge piece of it from the Goodwill (I do love thrift store shopping!!!!!)

The fireplace is not a working fireplace, but after being in this house for a few months, I discovered that it actually had a homemade plug back behind the fake logs. Ha ha! I guess I should have cleaned it out sooner. I went to Lowe's and bought some flickering light bulbs and voila, I have a "fire." Ok, it's not like the real thing, but hey, it's better than nothing.

english cottage decorating

I went with a shabby vibe for my Christmas English Cottage decorating this year. I didn't want to purchase a lot, so I used what I had. The garland is fringe from a bedspread. I placed old photos in the branches and tons of girly things like brooches, lace gloves, ect.

For the skirt, I used the bottom part of a vintage wedding dress. It's very chic ;)

In the back ground is my dining room. I am still waiting for the perfect table and chairs. On the table is laying a gorgeous chandelier, which is going to be hung very soon.

english cottage christmas decorating

I've changed out my mantel a few times, but I think I like it this way for the holidays at least. (Although I did add some pretty thrift store pearls spilling out of the vintage basket).

I made the cones out of embossed paper that I had bought at Hobby Lobby awhile back. I added a doily and then some dried flowers.

I like to use fresh greenery, but I had this faux greenery in my old Christmas decor, so I decided to use it. I might add some fresh greenery to it when I get a chance to go to the woods and get some.

........English Cottage Decorating Ideas Galore........

English Cottage Kitchen

english cottage ideas

My darling little kitchen is just a simple cottage kitchen with no bells and whistles. But I do love it. It really screams English Cottage Decorating.

I still have things to fix in here. See the pretty little vintage napkins hanging over the counter? Well, that's hiding a hole that I think was for a cutting board at one time. Ha ha!!! Now you know my secrets! I will let you know when I fix it and show you how I did it.

To spice up the back splash, I added my pretty china plates. I just used Command hooks so I wouldn't damage anything. I really love the look. Maybe one day I'll add something else, but for now it's perfect.

english cottage kitchen ideas

This was another problem area in my kitchen that I just HAD TO FIX! The cabinets above the stove were crooked. There was a huge gap and it was the first thing you saw when you walked into the kitchen. There was no way to straighten the doors, so I had to find another solution. It finally came to me...TAKE THE DOORS OFF! Ha! How ingenious! So down the doors came. Since I'm just renting, I placed all the hardware in a bag and taped it to the back of the doors which I safely tucked away. If I ever move, I can then just pop the doors right back up and no one gets hurt :)

After three coats of paint (the landlord's had just painted everything so I have all the paint for the walls, cabinets, and trim), I placed some pretties on my new open shelving. Now that's the way to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. LOL!

english cottage ideas

I love vintage (and new ones that look old) aprons. I display them so I can wear them and look at them every day.

english cottage kitchen ideas

I placed a cabinet in the corner of the kitchen and then placed a table and chairs in front of it. I just painted this table with my own homemade chalk paint. I really loved working with it. It makes a really nice finish.

The chandelier that is laying on the floor is going to be hung in here. It's gold and I can't believe that I am going to leave it that way. I normally would have painted it without even thinking about it. But I'm kinda into gold right now, so it will stay that way for now.

........English Cottage Decorating Ideas Galore........

Country French Bedroom

french cottage decorating ideas

My bedroom actually leans a little towards French Cottage decorating. It's kinda in the in between stage. I don't have a headboard yet, so I hung this old window that I added pretty graphics to. I added the Christmas garland for the holidays.

My bed is just a comfortable mix of creams and whites. I love Shabby Chic sheets from Target and can't bear to use anything else.

I made the toile pillow and the burlap pillow. I found the little chenille rose pillow years ago. Can't remember where, but it was probably at a thrift store somewhere :)

french cottage bedroom decor

My cute little pink tree found a home in my bedroom this year. It's actually a Barbie tree that I found. I added some red and pink rose ornaments to compliment the rose picture in the back ground. I love my rose picture. It's one of my favorite things.

........English Cottage Decorating Ideas Galore........

English Cottage Bathroom

english cottage bathroom

My little cottage bathroom is cozy and warm. The towels are snuggled in an old crate that a friend gave to me.

........English Cottage Decorating Ideas Galore........

French Cottage Chic Craft Room / Office

french cottage craft room

My craft room is the biggest bedroom of the house because crafting and decorating is my life! Literally. My main source of income comes from my 3 websites. I come up with all the stuff to put on my sites in this room. I also do decorating and craft projects for clients, so I really do need the space to be able to create. I am so blessed! I want to have more storage solutions in here, but for now it's a pretty place to create things. But don't be fooled, it's not this clean all the time. It normally has bits and pieces strewn every where.

Displaying All of My Pretty Dresses

cottage craft room

I am always brainstorming Craft Room ideas to make my little cottage craft room pretty and organized. See how I displayed all of my darling ruffled dresses so that I can see them every day.

My Cottage Valentine Decorating 2013

cottage valentine decorating ideas

See how I incorporated my pretty winter trees with my Valentine decor to create a little winter wonderland love magic.

Updates ~ More of My Cottage...

I am a I will always be shifting and changing. See what I'm up to now :)

I hope you enjoyed these English Cottage Decorating ideas.

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