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Mobile home decorating ideas that will make your small home look like a mansion (well, you know what I mean) ha ha. Decorating small rooms can be a challenge, but with a few little tricks you too can have a fabulous space to be proud of.

Small home decorating ideas for your cottage styled home. Living in a tiny house and don't know what to do with all your things? I have lived in large homes and I have lived in small homes as well. And I know the challenges to both. I know that finding mobile home decorating ideas is not easy, so I thought I'd share with you my experience with mobile home decorating.

Mobile homes are not what they used to be. Some of them are as nice or nicer than a regular home and the price tag is certainly better in most cases. Decorating your mobile home is really no different that decorating any other space.

I love to decorate in the Shabby Chic, vintage, cottage style and this living room is in that style. I've grown a little away from using so many roses, but I do still love them so.

mobile home decorating ideas

When decorating small spaces, you need to really use every square inch wisely. Good storage is a key with any small mobile home decor. I loved my Shabby Chic furniture so much, I decided to go ahead and use it in this tiny house. It's a little bit big scale wise, but I simply couldn't live without it.

I did opt to use two square foot stools instead of a big coffee table. I placed a tray on each one so that they could be used to set drinks on, but also could be used for a foot stool. Using items that have more than one purpose is a handy tip for a small home.

I hung a mirror above the couch to make the room look larger. Every room in the house needs a mirror in my opinion. I love the way they reflect the light.

mobile home decorating

The love seat and a chair sit in this corner nicely. Lamp light is a must in any home, and a small home will benefit from the ambiance as well.

small home decorating ideas

My scrapbooks are stacked under the chair ready for me to look through them. I really had no other place to put them and needed to use every available nook and cranny.

The pot rack is a wire wine rack turned sideways. I hung it by chains and added hooks for my pots and other things that I needed at hand. I placed ivy and roses on the top of it to dress it up.

Decorative boxes sit by the chair and are filled to the brim with all sorts of crafty stuff. I set a tray on top of the boxes so they would double as a side table.

decorating small rooms

I used these shelves in the kitchen for all my pretty things. The bottom shelf has more useful stuff as you can't really see it. I hung my aprons on a hook so that they are easy to reach.

small space decorating

You can really tell that this is a mobile home by this picture. Ha ha. This was not one of your fancy modular homes. I was very thankful to have a place to live though and was as happy as could be. I've had my years that I had plenty of money and I've had my hard times as well. Life is full of up's and down's.

mobile home decorating ideas

I love this bunny picture. I bought it at a garage sale. We didn't have room for a large TV and this one worked for us just fine. I like the glass tabletop as it makes the room seem larger by not blocking your view. The boxes that were on the DVD player and beside the TV were not just for looks. Every container in the house was put to good use.

I hope you enjoyed all these Mobile Home Decorating Ideas!

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