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Recycled Projects ~ Ruffled T-Shirt Scarf

You will not believe how gorgeous this ruffled t-shirt scarf came out to be. I made it from recycled clothes that were destined to go to the thrift store. I'll show you how I made this super simple DIY project.

I go through my closet quite frequently and cull things out. Items that are stained, worn, or I just don't wear, go into my craft room for future recycled projects. Well, I came across this ruffled t-shirt scarf and I knew that some of my clothes were about to be up-cycled into this gorgeous creation. You will not believe how easy this is to make. And it's a great way to save your clothes from ending up in the landfill (for awhile anyway)!

white diy ruffled scarf

There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to make this scarf, but I wanted to show you how I did it. Here are the steps to make your own DIY scarf, and below I've added pictures to explain it even further.

t-shirt scarf
t-shirt scarf

step one how to make t-shirt scarf

You'll need several t-shirts (I actually used some silky jersey knit tops plus one dress instead of regular t-shirts, but it works great with plain t-shirts as well). The fuller you want your scarf, the more circles you'll need to cut. One circle makes one of the strands.

step two t-shirt scarf

Use a plate for your t-shirt scarf circle pattern. Some blogs say to use a paper plate, but I didn't have any, so I just used a regular plate. Cut out circles from your recycled t-shirts. You can trace around the plate if your wish, but I just cut. It doesn't have to be perfect.

DIY scarf
DIY scarf

step three t-shirt scarf

Now start on the left side and cut in a spiral about 1 1/2 inches wide all the way to the center of the circle. The wider your strip, the shorter your scarf will be.

step four t-shirt scarf

Now all you need to do is slightly pull the strip (it smooths out the edges a bit). Once you have all your circles cut out, just gather them altogether and BAM, you have a scarf. You can simply tie it around your neck, or add a fun flower pin.

Ruffled DIY Scarves

pink diy ruffled scarf

For this scarf, I used a pink shirt and a cream one.

pink diy ruffled scarf

Then I made a rolled fabric flower pin. See my Rolled Fabric Flowers page for a full tutorial of how to make one.

pink diy ruffled scarf

You don't need a flower pin though. You can just loosely tie it around your neck.

white diy ruffled scarf

This one is made with a champagne top and a cream one.

diy ruffled scarf

I cut the flower off of a dress and just added a pin to the back.

Here's The Quick Version For You To Pin :)

diy ruffled scarf

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