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Valentine Decorating Idea ~ Burlap Covered Mason Jar

Here's a thrifty Valentine decorating idea that is so darn sweet. A burlap covered mason jar with a paper heart that is perfect for a party favor, gift, centerpiece, or just to sit on your mantel at home. Love it!

I do love Valentine's Day! All the pink, red, and roses just makes me tingle all over. But I don't love spending a lot of money, so I needed a really cheap idea to bring in some Valentine sparkle into my home.

What a great idea for a party, wedding, or any event too. You can change it up to match any theme (just ditch the paper heart).

valentine decorating ideas

DIY Valentine Jar Supplies

  • A jar (I actually couldn't find a mason jar that wasn't in use so I just used a regular jar)
  • Burlap
  • Paper doily
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue

DIY Valentine Decorating Jar Instructions

valentine decorating
valentine decorating

step one DIY valentine decorating

I know that this project is super simple and it seems a little silly to even tell you how to make it. Heck you're probably related to Martha Stewart and could teach me a few things, but I thought I'd just give you a run down of just how simple it really is. The first thing you need to do is find a jar that suits your fancy. If you like mason jars and have one handy, then perfect. If you don't, then use any glass jar that's clean.

step one DIY valentine decorating

Next cut a piece of burlap that will wrap around the jar plus some extra (can't give you an exact measurement because your jar will be a different size than mine).

step one DIY valentine decorating

I like the raveled look on the burlap, so if you do too, then just pull out the threads on the sides of the burlap strip until it is raveled to your liking.

step one DIY valentine decorating

Next, just wrap the burlap around the jar and hot glue the overlapping bit. You might need to hot glue here and there to secure the burlap, but the twine will hold it some so you don't have to go overboard on the glue (can you tell that might be a problem with me). Ha ha!

step one DIY valentine decorating

Now all you need to do is add the paper heart doily (I found mine at Hobby Lobby) and then wrap the heart with the twine. You can tie a knot or a bow. Some people are fancy and some are plain. That's the great part about this Valentine Decorating idea. It can be tweaked to match any cottage/shabby decor.

step one DIY valentine decorating

This step is completely optional, but from this point, you can add anything to your jar to spice it up. I added a cute little Valentine sticker (see pic below) that I found a t Hobby Lobby. I would happen to be one of those people that love to OVER embellish. (Do you think there is help for that sort of thing?)

valentine decorating ideas

Well, there you have it. A Valentine decorating idea that is simple, cheap, and oh so cute!

Let me know how yours turns out.

valentine decorating ideas

This one is for all you bow lovers ;)

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